If you follow me, then you know, most of my videos start with "Hi, it's Jennifer Bourikas Broker with Century 21 Miller".

My story, my journey, having grown up in a military family, it was quite common for us to move, sometimes after six months of being in a home. I have a brother and sister who are both younger than me so, responsibility and maturity comes naturally. I was a girl guide for many years, and I bring forward the ‘be prepared’ motto. Me, I try to be as authentic as I can, being able to sleep at night knowing I’ve done the right thing regardless of whether it’s for business or personal means a lot to me, in fact, this is probably number one for me.

I joined the real estate game over 10 years ago. I can't believe I'm writing that down. I am a Broker @Century21 Miller Real Estate.

I recognize and value the trust my clients place me in and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. My intimate knowledge of this region, and my experiences of having lived here, gives me enthusiasm and a desire to make my home, your home.

Specialties: Buying, Selling Real Estate in Ontario especially Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Toronto, and surrounding areas and Creating Client Experiences around Relocation.

I follow the rules, I like to have fun in fact, humour is huge, put me in front of a comedy show or a funny movie and I am in my element. The funnier the better! I start my day with a good cup of coffee, if it’s not good, watch out everyone!

I like things being in order, if I use a tape measure, it goes back to exactly where I found it so I know where it is next time. OCD perhaps? I don’t know but I know it makes me feel very good to know if things are in their place. I don’t like chaos, I like things being in order, I’m a very proactive person, if I have to react then I find things don’t go the way they’re supposed to go. I am a horse before the cart type of person.

Tiffany Blue is my all-time favourite colour, if you haven’t noticed already
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