Real Estate and the News

Who doesn’t love a good news story, one that makes you think? The media especially knows that the general population love to read bad news stories more than feel good stories, it increases their readership. No matter whether the real estate market is good or on the downswing, the media always seem to spin the headlines into something negative. This is what the general public feed on.No matter what is happening in the market, the public see negative headlines. Last year, when the market was in a fever pitch, the spin was on the lack of affordable housing. Now that prices are coming down, it’s presented as sellers missing the market peak. The truth is that the market is always changing and there are always ways to make the most of any market.The market itself, properties are still changing owners, at prices where they’ve never been before historically.  There is always a need for homes, a seller may need to sell because of a move or a life change, a buyer may need to buy as they are purchasing their first home or moving from province to province.

The key right now is how to get buyers into the right home and for sellers to price strategically so their home sells for the right price in the shortest amount of time as possible. Where realtors make the difference right now, they have the education and skills and strategies to ensure everything falls perfectly in place.
And those deals that buyers are looking for, they are out there, you just have to connect with the right agent. And sellers, pricing your home and prepping it properly means you’ve connected with an agent who will help you not only sell your home, but ensure it closes. Call me today to find out how I can help your with your real estate needs!