Back to School Guide

It’s that special time of year, where parents are sort of excited about kids going back to school and kids feel the same way!  I remember being really excited about buying school supplies and those special outfits we picked for the first few days of school.  Oh the memories!  I also remember the ‘Back to School Kit’ from Shopper Drug Mart with all of the personal items as well, but I might be dating myself LOL! Regardless, whether you are going back to school or not, the name of the game is organization and I have just the tool for you for back to school, whether it’s grade school or you are heading off to university.  Check out the 'Resources' tab on the home page of my website, chock full of resources such as the 'School Essential Kit' or 'Dorm Room Moving Kit'.  Success lies with those who are organized, whether it's back to school or getting your home ready for the market, I've got the guide for you! Access the guides in the links below!