If you’re thinking of buying a home, read this!

So, you love watching HGTV and think you’re ready to buy a home! I mean, it looks so very easy on TV! Well it can be if you put all of the right pieces in place BEFORE you jump in the bus to look at homes. My job, as a realtor is to inform and educate and I love that I have "Your Dream Home Checklist" available to buyers who are looking to make the move and don’t know where to start!

Three things to consider, numbers, location and your wish list! Of course, connecting with a mortgage broker or a professional at a bank is the first place to start. It’s like putting the horse before the cart, if you don’t know what you are preapproved for, why would you look at homes and fall in love with something that is above your budget. Your mortgage professional will look at your total financial picture and be realistic in what you should spend. Your budget will also determine the location you could consider and may also narrow down your wish list. Being realistic with what you can spend, where you could spend and your wish list our really three key areas to start. 

Of course, I am always open to having a conversation, call me today!