Buyers, you can actually be better protected in this market! 


Whether you are a first time buyer or moving up or sizing down, this market is in your favour.  By this, I mean, how you are able to be better protected in an offer scenario. Being able to include a condition, such as home inspection, means buyers can sleep better at night knowing they have a home that has been checked top to bottom, thoroughly. Now, this being said, there are still some agents who are listing well below market value and organically or intentionally creating multiple offer scenarios. In this case, being able to do a pre-inspection is merited. Spending a little before you decide to place an offer may give you the confidence on the state of the home you are interested in. I, for one, think home inspections should be mandated, so that buyers are protected in their purchase. Of course, it’s up to my clients as to whether we include conditions, I can’t advise excluding them. I have seen a number of inspections go sideways in the basement and attic areas, from serious cracks in foundations being hidden by strategically placed boxes to bathroom fans venting directly into the attic, creating mould, the list could go on. The better prepared you are, as a buyer, the more you can settle in, knowing you’ve found the right home! I am always ready to have a transparent, authentic conversation over a cup of coffee!