Stop the presses! Before you leave your home for holidays, read this!

It’s that time of year when people are planning winter vacations, especially since the cold weather has arrived!  Most likely, you’re excited about the tropical vacation you’re planning and lots of effort goes into the itinerary.  What you don’t want, however, is a mess or catastrophe when you return.  Here are the top50 things you should do before you leave for vacation –1.       Check your household insurance policy. There may be something in the policy outlining that you’ll need to have someone check on the house if you are away for more than a certain number of days or you will not be covered should anything happen.2.       For an extended vacation, you may want to put your mail on hold, especially if you are lucky enough to have mail delivered directly to your house daily.3.       Set up lights on timers to give your home that lived-in look.4.       Adjust the thermostat especially during the winter to ensure pipes won’t freeze.5.       Unplug electronics. Electronics plugged in but not in use still draw on power, why not save energy and money while you are away, plus this can avoid electrical fires.While the list can go on and on, these are just my top 5 suggestions on what you should do before you go away.  I also like to wash the bedding before I go, I love to come home to fresh sheets!I am Jen and I sell homes. For more tips like these, follow me @Bourikas_Home or check out my website at