Moving Day Hacks

Ahhh, moving. It's SO thrilling and incredibly stressful at the same time. But, there's hope! Whether you're a moving pro or packing up for the first time, there are ways to help the process go smoothly. Try out these moving day hacks that'll keep you sane on moving day: 
- Purge your closets before you move and don't pack anything that you haven't needed, worn, or used in a year.
- Pack a cooler so you have easy-to-grab snacks and water as needed. And make sure that cooler doesn’t end up in the moving truck instead of with you.
- Don't empty dresser drawers. Leave items there, and wrap the drawer in plastic wrap. Likewise, leave clothes on hangers and store them in a garbage bag or wardrobe box.
- Fill large kitchen pots and other containers with small kitchen gadgets or spices to save space and cut down on boxes. - Put stemware and glasses inside of clean socks for free padding.- Snap a pic of the back of your TV to help you remember where all those wires go. 
- Put a fitted sheet on both sides of your mattress before loading it into the moving truck to keep it clean.
- Get little ones and pets out from underfoot. If making a crosstown move, schedule a playdate or a sleepover so you can focus on the move and have time to get somewhat settled before they arrive home.  

I've got loads more where these came from if you'd like! Send me DM, and I'll be happy to share more moving day hacks. #EducatingSellers #EducatingBuyers #OakvilleRealtor #MovingDayHacks