This is why your offer isn't getting accepted

So, you're finding it tough to get your offers accepted? 

The truth is sometimes, it Is the nature of the market. But sometimes, it may be you. Here are some of the reasons your offer may not be getting accepted...

1) You're not being flexible on the closing date.
If the seller needs more time to move, be okay with a later closing date. It can make your offer more appealing and makes you at least *seem* like a laid-back, down-to-earth buyer, which, BTW, sellers love.

2) You're not being flexible with contingencies or conditions.
I recommend consulting with your agent on this, but in a hot market, a 'cleaner' offer may lead to better results.

3) You're not being responsive.
Buying a house can be first come, first served. Don’t lose out because you weren’t quick to respond. 

4) You're not willing to get your financing in order first. 
A pre-approval tells sellers, 'I'm serious and not here to play.' So get your stuff in order FIRST, then make an offer that’s all buttoned up.

You can’t control everything, but for the things you can, you absolutely should. And in this market, the name of the game is flexibility, compromise, and preparation. If you need an agent who can help you strike that balance, slide into my DMs - I'd love to chat, especially over coffee!  I am Jen and I sell homes. #EducatingBuyers #BuyingAHome #OakvilleRealtor