This 5-Minute Exercise Can Help You Sell Your Home

I love getting to know the homes I sell, and while I can walk around, measure, and take notes and photos, I really don’t know a home until my clients open up about the lives they've lived in their homes.  

That's why, early on in the selling process, I always ask my sellers what they love about their homes. And I don't want to know the obvious things like a massive primary closet or top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. I mean the small, personal details.  Things like the way the sun streams in during the morning or the cozy chair by the fireplace where your toddler likes to curl up with a book or the thriving herb garden you've been nurturing for years on the back patio. Those, my friends, are the details that make your home truly special.

So before you sell your home, ask yourself: What makes my home stand out? What do I love here that I know I won't find anywhere else? Then, take a deep breath, give thanks for the home you have, and pass those things along to your agent, so they can use what you love to appeal to buyers.  

All this talk has me wondering, what do you love about your home - something only you would know? Share in the comments! I’ll read each and every one of them! #EducatingSellers #HowToSellMyHome #Oakville #OakvilleRealtor