3 Reasons Why A Pre-Inspection is a Must Before Listing Your Home 

Many buyers used to waive inspections to be more competitive with their offer; however, inspections and requests for repairs are becoming more popular with offers again. It goes without saying that everything needs to be in it's place when your home hits the market but here's 3 reasons why you NEED to do a pre-inspection before you list.  

1.  A pre-inspection gives buyers the confidence that your home is truly move-in ready, that the condition and safety of the home is top-notch and that the major systems like the furnace/a/c and roof are all in good working condition, not in need of replacing in the near future.

2.  If a pre-inspection detects that the furnace is on it's last leg or the attic is showing signs of mould, you have a chance, as a seller, to remediate these items and remove the opportunity for a buyer's agent to use these items as negotiating tools.  While it may have cost you a few dollars to have these items repaired/replaced, I can guarantee you that, if the buyer and their inspector finds something wrong during their inspection, the request in dollars that the buyer asks for far exceeds what it would have cost you to repair.

3.  A pre-inspection provides a level of confidence to buyers, they feel more confident in making a bid on your home. Typically, this helps your home stand out against the competition in your neighbourhood. This could increase competition amongst buyers, which could increase the amount of money in your pocket at the end of the transaction.

So, IMO, it truly is a win-win for sellers to do a pre-inspection before listing their home, taking some of the stress out of the equation. Who doesn't want that as a seller?  #EducatingSellers #BeforeYouSell #Oakville #OakvilleRealEstate #OakvilleRealtor  

ps as an added bonus, click here for a home inspection checklist that may help you determine just how 'market ready' your home is!