5 Repairs to Avoid Before You Sell Your Home 

Some homeowners go over the top before they sell, decreasing money in their pocket once the home sells. Here are 5 repairs to avoid before you sell -

1.       Leaving a fix half done.  A buyer wonders where else you’ve taken shortcuts.

2.       Kitchen renovations.  Don’t kid yourself, a new kitchen looks amazing but you are assuming the buyer likes your choice of finishes. And, if you think you’ll recoup the full cost of a kitchen reno, which, by the way, can be anywhere from $50K - $250K+, think again. Now, a touch up of the cabinets or choosing new handles, new appliances, that’s fine.

3.        Bathroom renovations. Like the kitchen, stick with improving faucets or installing a new toilet.

4.       Replacing windows and doors.  With what it will cost you, yes, it will definitely improve curb appeal but will it give you 100% of the investment back in your pocket, no. Stick with giving your front door and garage doors a fresh coat of paint.

5.       Finishing your basement. You risk the chance that the layout you’ve chosen is what the next buyer will fall in love with. 

Of course, if you are doing renos and plan on staying in your house for a couple of years and can enjoy the renos, go ahead! Your home will show that much better when you sell in the near future! #EducatingSellers #BeforeYouList #Oakville #OakvilleRealtor