Sell Your Home in 4 Easy Steps: Step 4 - Sell It

An offer is on the table, and the nail-biting negotiations have begun. Your preparations, sacrifice and determination are finally paying off! Hi, I'm Jennifer Bourikas, broker with Century 21 Miller and today we're cozying up to the negotiation table and talking about 3 things you can do to keep the negotiations humming along.

1. First, be transparent. It doesn't help you, your buyer or your realtor to cover up or hide information about your home's condition. Disclose everything you know upfront to avoid hiccups, headaches and delays.
2. Second, be clear. Your realtor is your advocate, so let her know what you're thinking and feeling. Don't sit on your questions. Ask and ask again until you have the answers you need. It'll keep you from regrets and frustrations down the road.
3. Third, be confident. Your realtor has done the research, and you have the appraisal to backit up. Even if you have to compromise a little, be confident in your listing price and don't give up too much too soon, When you get an offer, sit back, relax and let your realtor negotiate a deal that will have you hugging, high-fiving and hip-hip-horraying. 

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