Help, why is my house NOT selling??

You’ve got a fabulous house on the market, but for some reason, it's not flying off the shelves like hotcakes. What gives? First off, my advice is not to interfere in the listing of your home.  If your home is listed, you should be having a conversation with your realtor directly.

Let’s delve into a few possible reasons why your lovely abode might be taking its sweet time finding a new owner. 

First things first, let's talk about the elephant in the room: the market. Real estate is a bit like dating – sometimes you're the belle of the ball, and other times, well, you're swiping left a lot. The housing market can be a rollercoaster, and sometimes it's just not in sync with your house's potential. It might not be about you at all! 

Second, there's the issue of presentation. Are your listing photos doing your place justice? In the age of Instagram, people expect to see some seriously stunning shots. If your pictures aren't showing off your home's best angles, it might be time for a photoshoot makeover. And let’s take a moment to think about the interior presentation.  How clean are your light switches?  What about bathroom fans?  Are all of the light bulbs working?  And these are just some of the items I am finding lately in homes I am showing my clients.  Rather embarrassing for the sellers!

Third, let's talk about the price tag. Yeah, we all want top dollar for our beloved homes, but if your asking price is more of an "ouch" than an "ooh," it could be a deal-breaker. A reality check might be in order – check out what similar houses are going for in your area and adjust accordingly. 

Oh, and, fourth, the good ol' curb appeal! If your house is giving off "meh" vibes from the outside, potential buyers might not even bother stepping in. Spruce up that front yard, slap on a fresh coat of paint, and voila – you've just increased your home's desirability factor. 

Lastly, let's talk marketing. Are you getting the word out about your place? In a world where TikTok and Facebook dominate, you've got to be where the eyeballs are. Social media, online listings, heck, even a good old-fashioned "For Sale" sign can work wonders. 

So there you have it, . Your house not selling like hotcakes might not be your fault at all. It's a mix of market timing, presentation and cleanliness, pricing, and marketing mojo. Keep your chin up, make a few tweaks, and pretty soon, you'll be clinking glasses to a sold sign in your front yard. Cheers to that! #OakvilleRealtor #EducatingSellers #WhyIsMyHouseNotSelling #SellingMyHome p.s. this information is not intended to interfere nor solicit buyers or sellers currently under contract.