Thinking of selling? When IS the best time to sell your home?

The data has spoken, and if you're planning to sell, the countdown is on!

If you want to sell quickly - list mid-March. 

If you want to sell for max profit - shoot for late April. 

(And if you're the over-achiever type, list on a Thursday - the best day of the week for a listing to go live.) 

Regardless, there is always a buyer out there for your house, what works best for you?

With that in mind, here's a rundown of what you need to knock out between now and then to prep your home for market (with an estimate of how long each step takes) -

- Schedule a seller consult with a trusted realtor:  1 week.

- Make suggested repairs, declutter, and prep your home:  2-6 weeks.

- Meet with a realtor to set a listing price and schedule staging & listing photos:  1-2 weeks.

- List your home on the MLS:  1-2 days.

- Wait for an offer: 30 days (average days on market, August 2023).

- Negotiate:  3-5 days.

- Prepare for inspection and appraisal:  1-2 months.

- Close on your home:  1 day.

You can sell your home in as little as 8-10 weeks, depending on how quickly you receive an offer. Want help or have questions about selling? DM me today! #OakvilleRealtor #BestTimeToSellMyHouse #SellingMyHouse #EducatingSellers