5 Must-Ask Questions Before You Seal The Deal with Your Mortgage Broker

So, you’re a future homeowner in the GTA? Before you hit the road to finding your dream home, you'll need to dive into the exciting world of mortgages and get a preapproval. Why would you fall in love with a $1 mil home if $800,000 is what you can be approved for?
But before you sign on that dotted line, it's essential to make sure you've got the right mortgage broker on your side. To help you navigate this critical decision, here are five must-ask questions you should fire away at your mortgage broker.

1. What's Your Experience in the GTA Market? First things first, you want to ensure your mortgage broker knows the ins and outs of the current market. Ask about their local experience, how long they've been in the game, and if they've successfully dealt with situations similar to yours. Experience matters!
2. What Mortgage Options Do You Offer? Mortgage options are as diverse as the cityscape in the GTA. Find out what types of mortgages your broker can offer you. Whether it's fixed-rate, variable-rate, or something else entirely, make sure they have the right options that suit your financial goals.
3. What's the Total Cost of This Mortgage? Mortgages aren't just about interest rates. There are many other costs involved, like closing costs, insurance, and more. Ask your broker for a breakdown of all the costs associated with your mortgage. It'll save you from any nasty surprises down the road.
4. Can You Explain the Prepayment Options? Life is full of surprises, and you might find yourself in a situation where you want to pay off your mortgage early. Ask your broker about prepayment options. Are there penalties? How much can you overpay without incurring extra charges?
5. What's the Interest Rate and How Is It Determined? Of course, you want to know about that interest rate. But don't stop at just the number – ask how it's determined. Understanding the factors that influence your rate can help you make informed decisions.
Remember, your mortgage is a long-term commitment, so don't be shy about asking these questions. A good mortgage broker will be more than happy to answer them. It's your money, your future home, and your peace of mind that's at stake – make sure you get it right! Be sure to check out the Mortgage Pre-Qualification Tool on my website - #MortgageBroker #MortgagePreapproval #OakvilleRealtor