April 2023

What Determines the Price of Your Home?

Posted on Apr 24, 2023

So you’re scrolling through new listings, and you see a handful of homes that just might work. 

They’re in your first-choice neighbourhood, have the bed-bath count you’re looking for, and a grassy yard perfect for your little ones to play in — both your kiddos and your four-legged friends. 

You have just one question: Why the $20,000 difference in thei...

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3 Reasons Why A Pre-Inspection is a Must Before Listing Your Home 

Posted on Apr 24, 2023

Many buyers used to waive inspections to be more competitive with their offer; however, inspections and requests for repairs are becoming more popular with offers again. It goes without saying that everything needs to be in it's place when your home hits the market but here's 3 reasons why you NEED to do a pre-inspection before you list.  

1. A pre...

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5 Repairs to Avoid Before You Sell Your Home 

Posted on Apr 17, 2023

Some homeowners go over the top before they sell, decreasing money in their pocket once the home sells. Here are 5 repairs to avoid before you sell -

1.       Leaving a fix half done.  A buyer wonders where else you’ve taken shortcuts.

2.       Kitchen renovations. Don’t kid yourself, a new kitchen looks amazing but you are assuming the buyer likes your choice of...

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Balancing Needs and Wants as a Homebuyer this Spring

Posted on Apr 10, 2023

The current housing shortage has an impact on how you search for a home this spring. With limited options on the market, buyers who consider what’s a necessity versus what’s a nice-to-have will be more successful in their home search.

The first step? Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval helps you better understand what you can borrow for yo...

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Timing is Everything When It Comes To Selling Your Home

Posted on Apr 03, 2023

This is everything when it comes to selling your home:


Over the years, I've seen how the timing of the market can impact the sale of a home. It's like cooking a masterpiece, you have to gather all the right ingredients and wait for the perfect moment to bring everything together. That “perfect moment” often comes in late spring — specifically...

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