September 2023

How Long Before Your Home's Components Call It Quits

Posted on Sep 25, 2023

Part of owning a home means understanding your home and what it takes to ensure your home runs smoothly. Kind of like getting the oil changed in your car? If you don’t stay on top of oil changes, your car doesn’t run smoothly and may end up costing a lot more than it needs to.

Here's a breakdown of common household mechanicals and their approximate...

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Thinking of selling? When IS the best time to sell your home?

Posted on Sep 18, 2023

The data has spoken, and if you're planning to sell, the countdown is on!

If you want to sell quickly - list mid-March. 

If you want to sell for max profit - shoot for late April. 

(And if you're the over-achiever type, list on a Thursday - the best day of the week for a listing to go live.) 

Regardless, there is always a buyer out there for your house, w...

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How to Tell Your Kids You're Selling The Family Home

Posted on Sep 11, 2023

Home is where the heart is, but life's journey often leads us down new paths. If you find yourself in the bittersweet position of selling your family home, sharing the news with your little ones can be a heartwarming yet challenging task. Here's how to handle it with grace, positivity, and a touch of humour.

1. Set the Stage - Choose a relaxed momen...

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Help, why is my house NOT selling??

Posted on Sep 04, 2023

You’ve got a fabulous house on the market, but for some reason, it's not flying off the shelves like hotcakes. What gives? First off, my advice is not to interfere in the listing of your home.  If your home is listed, you should be having a conversation with your realtor directly.

Let’s delve into a few possible reasons why your lovely abode might be...

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