December 2023

Decluttering Memories & Downsizing Dreams

Posted on Dec 30, 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and as a realtor, I can't help but think about the unique opportunity it brings to reflect on the treasures our homes hold – especially when our grown-up kids come home for Christmas. There's a certain magic in having them under our roof again, surrounded by the echoes of their laughter and the warmth of shared memori...

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Optimize Your Sale: 3 Key Essentials That Buyers Secretly Crave In Your Home 

Posted on Dec 20, 2023

So, you're thinking about listing your home? Let's spill the tea on what buyers are really into these days. You need to know these deets!

Cleanliness Counts

Buyers in Ontario are placing a premium on cleanliness. A spotless home not only creates an immediate positive impression but also signals to buyers that the property has been well-maintained. Cl...

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House Hunting 101: 5 Questions This Realtor Swears By

Posted on Dec 13, 2023

So, you’re in pursuit of your dream home and looking forward to being a future homeowner?
Buckle up that seatbelt because we've got a checklist of questions that your realtor (that's me!) is going to throw at you before we seal the deal.
First up, let's talk budget. I know, money talk isn't always the most exciting, but it's crucial. We'll figure out...

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The Power of Picking The Right Oakville Neighbourhood

Posted on Dec 10, 2023

Picking the perfect pad goes beyond just the house – the neighbourhood vibe is like the seasoning on your homeownership stew. Here’s the dish on why you should totally snoop around the 'hood before sealing the deal.
1. Safety - safety is like the ultimate comfort food. No one wants to live in constant worry about sketchy situations. So, peek at crim...

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IMPORTANT CHANGES to Real Estate in Ontario as of December 1st 2023

Posted on Dec 04, 2023

Important Changes came to the Real Estate Industry in Ontario as of December 1st. Consumers need to be aware of how this can impact them.

Phase 2 legislative reforms came into effect December 1, 2023. The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002 (REBBA) will be renamed the Trust in Real Estate Services Act, 2002 (TRESA).

The reforms to the legislat...

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